Xena’s Baby Fleece Roving


Xena’s true black baby fleece roving.

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Baby Xena

Baby Xena

Zena's true black baby fleece roving

Zena’s true black baby fleece roving. It is extremely hard to take a picture of black yarn and roving that is true to the color. Xena’s roving is true black, and very fine and soft. We sell by the ounce.

Xena’s mom was our grumpy alpaca.  When her baby was born, we thought this baby would need a strong, heroic name to deal with her somewhat fierce mother.  It turns out that mom became a gentle marshmallow after her baby was born.  And Xena is such a sweety.  She is gentle and submissive, and loves to meet anybody who comes to the farm.  Her fleece is true black, very fine, extremely soft.

Our exact quantity is hard to precisely estimate, so we invite you to check with us to make sure we have the amount of roving you want.

We like to process our babies’ first shearing into roving, as it is the softest the fleece will ever be.  Our roving is not dyed.  It is all natural.  It is processed at a local mini-mill.

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