Graham’s Baby Fleece Roving


Graham’s medium fawn baby fleece roving.

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Baby Graham

Graham as a baby

Graham's baby fleece roving

Graham’s baby fleece roving. A beautiful medium fawn color. We sell by the ounce.

Graham came bursting into this world one sunny, summer morning, and has been a high energy guy ever since.  A friend who was at the farm the day he was born, remarked that he was the color of a graham cracker.  And so that’s how Graham got his name.  He is the offspring of our Teddy and our Edie, the first 2nd generation alpaca on the farm.  We love Graham’s medium fawn color.

Our exact quantity is hard to precisely estimate, so we invite you to check with us to make sure we have the amount of roving you want.

We like to process our babies’ first shearing into roving, as it is the softest the fleece will ever be.  Our roving is not dyed.  It is all natural.  It is processed at a local mini-mill.

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