About Us

Indigo Moon, Inc. owners and operators are Kris Moody and Ellen Willis.

Ellen and Kris and some friendly alpacas at the UNH Homecoming Parade.

Ellen and Kris and some friendly alpacas!

Ellen Willis has a BS in psychology from Eastern Kentucky University, and a MA in Liberal studies from North Carolina State University.  Ellen recently completed a Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling and is a Youth and Family Therapist.

Ellen and Kris with 9 month old Cody at the 2015 North American Alpaca Show

Ellen and Kris with 9 month old Cody at the 2015 North American Alpaca Show

Kris Moody has a BS from Brown University and a MS from UNH in Electrical Engineering.  Kris has spent over 30 years working as a designer in the Semiconductor industry. The ever evolving high tech world remains exciting and fulfilling for Kris and requires a counter balance she experiencing as steward of Indigo Moon Farm.  Kris’s focus is alpaca farming and fiber production.

Indigo Moon, Inc. History and Description

Indigo Moon Farm is located in the rolling plain of coastal southeastern New Hampshire. Indigo Moon Farm sits just below the lakes region at the foothills of the White Mountains, within reach of the Atlantic Ocean just to the east.  Indigo as a color is a rich, deep blue used as a popular die color for textiles going back centuries. Indigo on the color spectrum was long considered to be one of the 7 divisions of the rainbow, as first introduce by Isaac Newton. Our blue jeans, worn for work and play, are blue as a result of indigo dye. And in some spiritual thinking, indigo represents the sixth chakra including the third eye, and relates to intuition and spiritual knowledge.