Idgie’s Baby Fleece Roving


Idgie’s true black baby fleece roving.

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Imogene, AKA Idgie

Baby Idgie

Baby Idgie with her mom Gracie.

Idgie's baby fleece roving.

Idgie’s baby fleece roving. It is so hard to get a good picture of this true black roving. We sell by the ounce.

Imogene, AKA Idgie, was born at exactly the same time as Evangeline, AKA Evie.  We were crowded around Gracie, Idgie’s mom, as the birthing was underway, just to have someone say, “Ginny’s having her baby too!”  And we turned, and not more than 5 feet away from us Ginny was pushing her baby out at exactly the same time.  What a day!  Idgie is a very handsome alpaca, with long eyelashes and lovely fleece.  Her fleece is true black, and was a blue ribbon winner at her first fleece show.

Our exact quantity is hard to precisely estimate, so we invite you to check with us to make sure we have the amount of roving you want.

We like to process our babies’ first shearing into roving, as it is the softest the fleece will ever be.  Our roving is not dyed.  It is all natural.  It is processed at a local mini-mill.

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