Evangeline’s Baby Fleece Roving


Evangeline’s dark brown baby fleece roving.

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Evangeline AKA Evie

Evie and Ginny

Baby Evie with her mom Ginny nearby

Evie's baby fleece roving

Evie’s baby fleece roving. A beautiful dark brown. We sell by the ounce.

Evangeline, more often called Evie, is a real sweetheart.  She’s a big smaller than the other girls in the herd, so it’s easy to think of her as still a bit of a baby.  She loves people, is very friendly, will follow you around, and loves to give kisses.  It’s not uncommon for people to tell us that she is their favorite.  Her fleece is a yummy, chocolate brown, and oh so soft to the touch.

Our exact quantity is hard to precisely estimate, so we invite you to check with us to make sure we have the amount of roving you want.

We like to process our babies’ first shearing into roving, as it is the softest the fleece will ever be.  Our roving is not dyed.  It is all natural.  It is processed at a local mini-mill.

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