Braided Everything Alpaca Basket


Braided Everything Alpaca Basket

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The Everything Alpaca Basket combines recycled corded material with alpaca braided yarn to create a sturdy and colorful all purpose basket. The basket measures approximately 10″ high with a 17″ wide base, making it the perfect size for a wide range of uses.

Our alpaca baskets are produced by the New England Alpaca Fiber Pool, where we bank our alpaca fiber with other farms’ fiber throughout New England and beyond.  NEAFP produces amazing products using our fiber.  So although we can’t guarantee that our alpacas’ fiber is in every product, we can guarantee that we are contributing to the creation of wonderful local products from local alpaca farms, including our own!

Dimensions: 17″ Wide Base by 10″ High

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Weight 3 lbs

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