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Alpaca Fleece Filled Nesting Balls

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Imagine how cozy the birds will be this winter, after they have softened their nests with luxurious alpaca fleece pulled from nesting balls hung in the trees!  These nesting balls are made of grape vine twine, and stuffed with fleece from our alpacas.  Every nesting ball is unique, with a variety of alpaca fleece colors inside.  As most of our alpacas are browns and black, our nesting balls also have mostly dark colored fleece stuffing.  Nesting balls are 4 inches in diameter.

Special note about shipping:  At this time we have some challenges figuring out the best way to ship nesting balls.  If you order nesting balls and select USPS shipping, it is likely that we will need to call you about your order before coming up with a shipping plan,

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